Ants were sent to the International Space Station in January 2014 so that scientists could observe them when there is no gravity.


Scientists wanted to know how the ants would work as a team without gravity.

They gave the ants a new area to search and watched how they did it. Sometimes when an ant started to float, he grabbed onto another ant to climb back to the floor.

Scientists did the same experiment on earth to see the difference. The ants in space searched the area much more slowly than the earth ants. This is only because they kept falling off the surface. Their behavior did not change.

ants in spaceThe scientists did the experiment to learn about co-operative methods without gravity. They want to use the ants’ technique for groups of robots.

Check your vocabulary here: to observe (v), gravity (n), to float (n), to grab onto (v), to climb (v), behavior (n), co-operative (adj).

Story and Photo: BBC