As of earlier on this week, state police in Michigan have received a higher amount of animal related 911 calls. From time to time, there were calls about dead animals on the road, or reports of people being mean to other animals, but this week it’s been a little different. A large number of reports have be filed about a vicious turkey that has been hunting people at a university campus.

Photo by: Jessica-Knedgen @ Instagram

Photo by: Jessica-Knedgen @ Instagram

Yes, you heard right, the turkey has been hunting and not the other way around.

This dangerous turkey has been living on the University of Michigan’s North Campus for quite some time now. At first it was no big deal; birds are always seen on campus walking around. In fact, it’s common knowledge that animals on campus are best to look at and not to touch. However, this turkey was no ordinary animal.

Vicious Bird2

Photo by: eyelikeopera @ Instagram

From time to time a student or staff member would pass near the bird in order to get to their final destination. But, unlike most birds that hobble away to provide a little more distance, this bird has decided to take a more offensive position. This bird, which can be found walking around to random spots on campus, has been chasing passers-by.

Most people would agree that if the bird was protecting something, like eggs, it would make sense. Yet, this was not the case at all. The bird was walking around freely as if the whole campus was it’s territory. It even scared people off the perimeters of the university by chasing them even while they were boarding buses.

“He hasn’t hurt anybody, but he’s a very aggressive bird,”  says Melissa Overton of the University’s Police Department.

Some students have compared this birds attitude to that of an animal on a hunt. The bird carefully sets his eyes on his target, sizing them up to see what damage they can do. Then, he thinks about the best way to corner the victim, and finally he attacks.

Vicious Bird3

Photo by: Demetre @ Instagram

This vicious turkey has also been known to cause a lot of traffic problems. It is said that the bird sometimes boldly lays down in the middle of the road. When honked at, or when threatened by cars passing by, it refuses to move. This has definitely become a large problem because not only does it slow down traffic, but it makes it almost impossible for buses to get around him.

This problem is fairly new in the community. Most people have just written it off as their own bad luck. Yet, when more and more people started to talk about this lurking bird, it became obvious that there was a big problem.

Vicious Bird4

Photo by: Jon-Hanna @ Instagram

It’s quite an odd thing to call the police department about a turkey, but most agreed that this turkey was unlike any other. The police department has been filing reports about this turkey since the end of June.

Some think that this vicious turkey is linked to another turkey that was on campus. Just before this angry turkey showed up on campus, there was another turkey roaming the property.

This turkey wasn’t really special to anyone, it was just another bird that was generally liked. With that in mind, when this turkey was hit by a car and killed, it didn’t really stir up too much attention. There are some people who sympathize with the bird and have come to like him despite his aggressive behavior. They think that the vicious turkey could be an angry relative coming to take his revenge.

Some people wondered why the police department filed reports instead of taking action. Well, in fact, action was taken. The Department of Natural Resources was informed about the turkey, but they basically turned a blind eye to it. They said that they would not take the turkey off campus unless it was causing some sort of damage to the buildings.

It was quite clear that the turkey did not have any issues with the brick and stone. He had issues with people in general.

Vicious Turkey 5

Photo by: CikubSzechy @ Instagram

The police department continued to receive phone calls from people about this turkey. Some people have called the cops while they were being chased. Others have called in tears once the bird had already cornered them.

After a few more reports, the police department contacted the Department of Natural Resources again. This time, the call was taken seriously.

The task of moving this aggressive bird will require three different groups to work together. The police department, the university, and the Department of Natural Resources will work together to move this bird as soon as possible.

Until then, a memo has been sent to all campus staff and students. The memo contains advice that doesn’t need to be written down. It talks about avoiding the bird, and contacting the campus’s police department when it has been spotted.

Hopefully this turkey will find a new home that is free from all the people he so aggressively hates.

Article and Image Source: MLive News



  • vicious (adj) – cruel or violent
  • dangerous (adj) – likely to cause harm or be violent
  • no big deal (exp) – something that is not a problem
  • destination (n) – a place where someone will go
  • hobble (v) – to walk in an awkward way
  • offensive (adj) – actively mean or aggressive
  • passers-by (n) – a person who just happens to be walking in the area
  • aggressive (adj) – ready to attack or confront
  • sizing them up (exp) – to estimate someone’s strength or abilities
  • threatened (v) – to express one’s intention to cause harm
  • lurking (v) – something or someone remaining hidden that is waiting to attack
  • stir up (v) – to get something started
  • turned a blind eye (exp) – to ignore something


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