Samsung have warned its customers about discussing personal information in front of the TV.


If a person has a ‘smart’ TV, one that uses a voice command service, the TV ‘listens’ to what the people in the room are saying.

When the ‘smart’ TV is active there is a small microphone icon on the TV screen. When you can see this icon, the TV is recording what you are saying. This information is given to Samsung and another company in order to decide if the words are a command for the TV (for example, “change the channel”) or are part of a normal conversation.

This other company probably translates spoken words into written text, so that the TV can respond to commands.

Some people are concerned that private conversations are being recorded and that this data might not be kept safely or that it could later be sold to another company.

Samsung says it takes customer safety very seriously.


Vocabulary: voice command service (n), microphone (n), channel (n),  icon (n), to record (v).