The UK is having its next general election next month but how much do you know about British politics and the general election?

Are these sentences true or false? For help with vocabulary click here:

1) The UK does not have a constitution

2) All people aged 18 and over can vote in a general election

3) There are 500 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK

4) British people who live abroad cannot vote in general elections

5) The Queen has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister to discuss politics

queen and david cameron

6) A general election must be held in May

7) People in prison can vote in elections

8) People can vote for who they want to be Prime Minister

9) Members of the European Union living in the UK have the right to vote in the general election

10) In the last general election (in 2010) 35% of the British population did not vote.

 1) TRUE: The UK does not have a written constitution.

2) TRUE: all adults (aged 18+) in the UK can vote in elections.

3) FALSE: There are 650 Members of Parliament (not 500).

4) FALSE: British people living abroad can vote, but they must register to do so.  However, you cannot vote if you have lived abroad for more than 15 years.

5) TRUE: The Prime Minister and the Queen meet once a week to discuss politics. If one of them is not available, they will talk on the phone.

6) TRUE: A general election is held every five years on the first Thursday of May.

7) FALSE: not all prisoners can vote in general elections. Prisoners serving a custodial sentence cannot vote (this means that they have been found guilty of a crime and are serving a punishment). Prisoners on remand can vote (prisoners who have not yet been found guilty).

8) FALSE: People vote for their local Member of Parliament; the person who will represent their area or town. The Prime Minister is the head of the party which has the most Members of Parliament. The people cannot vote directly for who they want to be the Prime Minister.

9) FALSE: EU immigrants living in the UK cannot vote in the general election. However, they can vote in the European elections and local UK elections.

10) TRUE: in the 2010 general election 34.9% of people did not vote (when they could have).

How many did you get right?