An expert in sleep says that the best time to go to bed is 10pm at night. We should then wake up at 6am. Shawn Stevenson is an expert in health and nutrition who has studied human sleeping patterns.


He believes 10pm is the best bedtime because this is when the sun sets, and 6am is the ideal time to wake up because this is when the sun rises. The closer our sleeping pattern is to the sun, he says, the more energy we will have during the day.

He also said that looking at electronics before going to bed (computers and phones etc,) makes sleeping more difficult. The blue light from these electronics is the worst. If you need to look at an electronic device before going to bed, he says you should change the setting so that there is no blue light.

He also says you should avoid caffeine, sugar and dairy products such as milk or cheese in the evening. This will make it harder to sleep.

Vocabulary: to confirm (v), pattern (n), bedtime (n), to set (sun) (v), to rise (sun) (v), electronic device (n), setting (n), caffeine (n), dairy (n).

Discussion: 1) what time do you usually go to bed? 2) What time do you wake up? 3) Is your sleeping pattern different at weekends? 4) Do you think that 10pm is a good bedtime? Why/Why not? 5) Would you change your sleeping pattern to 10pm-6am not that you know this is better?

Story and Image: Yahoo