Everyone loves fajitas and it’s easy to see why: grilled meat, lots of cheese and veggies wrapped inside a tortilla – delicious. One fajita is never enough, and one man from Texas couldn’t stop his obsession.

Now, he’s going to prison for stealing thousands of tortillas from his job. According to news reports, Gilberto Escamilla is facing a prison sentence of 50 years. Escamilla had been ordering the fajitas since 2008 from a juvenile detention center in San Benito.

His job involved working for the county in the state of Texas. Police say that Escamilla kept ordering fajitas using money from the county. When he received the fajitas, he would resell them to other people. Police found fajitas stuffed into his refrigerator when they searched his home.

The theft included more than just a few fajitas. Escamilla was busted in 2017 for stealing more than $1 million worth of these yummy tortilla wraps. For more than nine years, he placed the orders for delivery at Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center.

The strange thing is the children and teens at the center are never served fajitas there. Escamilla would wait for the delivery and take the shipment of fajitas himself.

Finally, he got caught placing an order for 800-pounds of fajitas. The detention center knew it was a mistake. However, the delivery driver said he had been bringing fajitas there for years.

Escamilla is 53-years-old. He pleaded guilty in court to the crime and was also fined $10,000. He must also pay back $1,251,578.72. That is the total cost of all the fajitas he stole. The serious crime is a first-degree felony.

He admitted to the judge that he started stealing a small number of fajitas. Then, his obsession with the Mexican food got out of control. He couldn’t stop ordering them.

Gilberto Escamilla got fired from his job with the county. He will begin serving in time in prison.

His lawyer had no comment.


Source: NBC News