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Zayn Malik Left One Direction To Go Solo

The 22 year old quit the boy band One Direction on Wednesday. He said that he was “too stressed” and that he wanted to be “a normal 22 year old”. However, he was seen on Thursday entering a music recording studio in London. In an interview with a British newspaper, The Sun, Zayn said that he was working on new music. He said that he wasn’t in a rush to release anything soon and that he is experimenting with different sounds and styles of music. Zayn was signed off from the current One Direction tour because of stress. However many British newspapers are questioning his real motive for leaving the group. What is your opinion? What do you think is the real reason he left One Direction? Do you think it was a good idea? Do you think 1D will be good without him? Vocabulary: to record music (v), to be in a rush to do (phrasal verb), to be signed off (phrasal verb), motive (n). Photo+Story...

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5 Interesting Easter Facts You Should Know

Many people believe that Easter is a Christian festival: the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. However, many Easter traditions are not really Christian. The word Easter originates from the Anglo-Saxon God called Eostre. Here are 5 facts about Easter: 1) Easter is Anglo-Saxon in Origin Photo Credit Eostre was the goddess of spring and dawn (sunrise). In Anglo-Saxon times, a feast was held in spring to celebrate the goddess who brought new life to the world (this is when the flowers bloom and baby animals are born). It was not until the Romans invaded the UK that Easter became synonymous with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2) Easter changes date depending on the moon Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring. It can be any time between March 22nd and April 25th. 3) People spend lots of money buying chocolate It is tradition to give chocolate eggs at Easter because these symbolise new life. The average child in Britain receives 8.8 eggs at Easter. Photo Credit 4) There is a special Easter hat Easter bonnets are often made and worn at Easter. They can include flowers, colourful eggs and sometimes pictures of small baby animals. They symbolise the new coming of spring. Many British school children make Easter Bonnets at school. 5) Rabbits are the symbol of Easter because they have lots of...

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Zayn Malik quits One Direction

Zayn Malik has announced that he is leaving the boy band One Direction because of stress. The four other members of the band will continue without him. Last week Zayn walked away from  their World Tour. He was signed off by a doctor with stress.  He said on Twitter that he is leaving because he wants to be a normal 22 year old who is able to relax and have some private time. One Direction was discovered on the TV talent show X Factor in 2010. The other members understand why he is leaving and will produce their 5th album as a four-piece. Vocabulary: check the meaning of these words here. to walk away from  (phrasal verb), to be signed off (phrasal verb), stress (n), to be able to (phrasal verb), talent show (n), four-piece (n). Photo and story:...

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Neo-Nazi March in Newcastle, UK

Police have arrested nine people after the city of Newcastle was invaded by a Neo-Nazi protest. The march was organised by the far-right wing group National Action. They sang racist songs and called their march “a white man march”. Anti-fascists tried to equal the National Action protest by trying to drown out the racist songs with their own chants. Police separated the two groups. The police said that most of the people at the event were peaceful, but that nine were arrested because their behaviour was unacceptable. Lawrie Coombs, who spoke for a group called North East Anti-Fascists (Newcastle is in the North East region of England) said it is important to challenge the views of fascists and racists. This is why he marched and chanted against the National Action protest. He said “Anytime fascists, racists or neo-Nazis appear on the streets they need to be confronted. We cannot allow them to spread their poison.” Vocabulary: to arrest (v), a march (n), far-right wing (adj), to drown out a noise (phrasal verb: cover a noise wit another noise), chant (n+v), to confront (v), spread (v), poison (n). Check the definition of these words here Story and Photos: Chronicle Live Discussion questions:  1) what do you know about Fascism? 2) Is fascism present in your country? 3) Is racism present in your country? 4) What is the best way to confront...

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Dog murdered at Dog Show

A dog called Jagger was poisoned during the CRUFTs dog competition in Birmingham. Jagger was worth £50,000 and came second in his category at the competition. The Crufts show has been going since 1891 and is the world’s most popular dog show. Jagger died 26 hours after leaving the competition. It is believed someone gave him some steak to eat during the show and that the steak was poisoned. Jagger’s owner does not think it was a rival dog owner who poisoned him. He thinks it must have been someone in the audience. No other dog was harmed at the competition. Vocabulary: to poison (v), to be worth (phrasal verb), steak (n), owner...

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