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Main Politicial Parties in the UK and what they want

The UK General Election is on the 7th May. This is when the British people vote for the political party they want to rule the country for the next 5 years. Here are the 7 main politicians and political parties in the UK:  From left to right: Ed Miliband (Labour), David Cameron (Conservatives), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Nick Clegg (Lib Dem), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymry), Leanne Wood (Greens), Nigel Farage (UKIP). The Conservatives – currently in power as part of a coalition government. They are traditionally right-wing and wear a blue tie. Members of this party include the current Prime...

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True or False? How much do you know about UK politics?

The UK is having its next general election next month but how much do you know about British politics and the general election? Are these sentences true or false? For help with vocabulary click here: 1) The UK does not have a constitution 2) All people aged 18 and over can vote in a general election 3) There are 500 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK 4) British people who live abroad cannot vote in general elections 5) The Queen has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister to discuss politics 6) A general election must be held in May 7) People in prison can vote in elections 8) People can vote for who they want to be Prime Minister 9) Members of the European Union living in the UK have the right to vote in the general election 10) In the last general election (in 2010) 35% of the British population did not vote.  1) TRUE: The UK does not have a written constitution. 2) TRUE: all adults (aged 18+) in the UK can vote in elections. 3) FALSE: There are 650 Members of Parliament (not 500). 4) FALSE: British people living abroad can vote, but they must register to do so.  However, you cannot vote if you have lived abroad for more than 15 years. 5) TRUE: The Prime Minister and the Queen meet once a week to discuss politics....

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British Politics Explained

Here is a list of vocabulary about British Politics; General Election – when the adults (aged 18+) of the United Kingdom vote for the politicians that they want to represent them. A General Election is usually held once every five years. There will be one on the 7th May 2015. Member of Parliament (MP) – the politician who represents a certain area or town. They sit in the House of Commons and vote on legislation.There are 650 MPs in the UK.  Legislation (n) – written laws – Legislative (adj) House of Commons – one half of the legislative  government.  The people who sit in the House of Commons (the 650 MPs) vote on laws. The people can choose who sits in this part. House of Lords –the other half of the legislative government . The people who sit in this house are NOT voted for by the people. Lord / Lady – these people sit in the House of Lords. They either have been awarded this title or have inherited it through their family. They are not democratically elected. Prime Minister – the head of the UK government. They are also an MP. This is not the same as the head of state or president. Head of State – the highest political position in the country. The head of state in the UK is Queen Elizabeth II. In countries...

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James Bond Should be a Girl: British Politician Says

Ed Miliband, a British politician and the leader of the Labour Party, has said that a woman should play the role of James Bond. He suggested Rosamund Pike as a good actress to play 007. She played the ‘bond girl’ in the 2002 film Die Another Day. Milliband said that the James Bond films need to “move with the times” and that the role should be open for both men and women to play. Author’s Comments: This is my personal opinion on this strange story. I find it very interesting that Ed Milliband has said this now. The British General Election* is coming up very soon (May this year). Ed is hoping to become the next Prime Minister of the UK. I believe that he only said this to make women voters like him more. As a female voter myself, I think he’s an idiot. Having a woman James Bond will not help to solve the problem of sexism and equality in the UK. He is only saying this to appear ‘cool’ and to try to win votes. *The General Election is when people in the UK vote for the people who will represent them in parliament and make the laws (Members of Parliament). This election also decides who will be the Prime Minister of the UK. What is your...

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9 Britons Try to Join the Islamic State in Syria

Nine British people have been stopped at the Turkey Syria border. It is believed that they are trying to enter Syria illegally to fight for the Islamic State. The group includes three men, two women and four children. They have been stopped by the Turkish police. Around 600 Brits have left the UK to go to Syria and Iraq to fight for Islamic State, including many teenagers. However, this may be the first time that a family has tried to enter the dangerous, war-torn area with children. In February, three teenage girls from London left the UK to join the Islamic State. Read more about this story: HERE Vocabulary: Islamic State (n), border (n), illegally (adv), war-torn (adj) Story and Photo: Daily Mail What is your view on this...

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