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The 5 Biggest Problems in the UK

The General Election is coming soon and the UK is getting ready to vote. Here is a list of the main topics of political debate here: 1) Health The UK runs a public health service called the NHS (National Health Service). This means that anybody who needs medical attention receives it for free. It is funded by taxes. The NHS is a big concern for many voters because; The UK population is increasing and people are also living longer. This means that there is a strain on services; there are more people needing medical care and not enough doctors...

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Man stops people parking with a giant canon

Vocabulary: to get annoyed (v+adj), to park (v), retired (adj), canon (n), to deter (v), prop (n). Paul Davis, from London, gets very annoyed when people park their cars in front of his house. The retired army officer, 67, gets so annoyed that he has decided to do something about it; he has put a giant canon there hoping that this will deter people from parking. The canon is not real; it is a prop from a British TV show called Hornblower but Paul Davis says that it doesn’t matter. The canon scares people so much that no one has parked in front of his house since it has been installed. Photos and story from...

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Spanish man must pay 100 euros for running too fast

Vocabulary: to fine (v), pavement (n), driving licence (n), to obey (v), proposal (n), pedestrian (n), to breathalyze (v). A Spanish man has been fined 100 euros because he was running too quickly along the pavement. They also gave him 4 points on his driving licence. The fine says that the man did not obey the orders of the police, who told him to slow down. For this reason he was fined. This story is just one of many unusual traffic violation stories coming from Spain. Earlier this year, the government proposed new laws aimed at making the roads safer; the proposal is to consider pedestrians as “users of the road”. This means that they must follow the same rules as cars. Under this proposal, pedestrians would have to follow a speed limit (for example, not running too quickly) and they can be stopped by the police and breathalyzed if the police think that they are too drunk. They could be fined on both occasions. Many people have criticized this proposal saying that it may stop people from jogging and getting exercise. It could also have consequences on Spanish festivals, which typically take place outside and involve drinking alcohol. Photo and Information from: The Guardian  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/28/spain-proposal-to-breathalyse-pedestrians?CMP=share_btn_tw Extra information from: http://www.telecinco.es/informativos/sociedad/corredor_multado-multa-A_Coruna_2_1919955019.html (in...

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Rocket crashes

Vocabulary: attempt (v+n), to be on course (phrasal verb), narrowly (adv), ship deck (n). An attempt to safely land part of the SpaceX rocket on a ship in the Atlantic ocean has failed. (see previous post https://easyenglishnews.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/rocket-will-return-to-earth/). The top part of the rocket, containing materials for the International Space Station, is on course and will arrive next Monday. The bottom part of the rocket returned to earth and narrowly missed landing on the ship. The ship was not damaged, but some equipment on the ship’s deck was. SpaceX says it will continue trying to land rockets safely back on earth so that the rockets can be reused. This will make space exploration much cheaper in the future. You can watch the rocket being launched...

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