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Your Photos are not Safe Online: One Mother’s Shocking Story

Christie is like all mothers; she loves her daughter and wants to protect her. She often writes about her daughter on a blog, but never uses her daughter’s name because she wants to protect her daughter’s identity. She also rarely posts photos of her. But once was enough for a photo to be stolen. Her daughter has Down’s Syndrome. (you can read more about Down’s Syndrome here). Her photo was stolen and put on a different website. This website was for ‘stock photos’ where anyone can download the image for free. This photo of Christie’s daughter was then used in an advertising campaign without Christie’s knowledge. The advertising campaign was for a prenatal test (a test that pregnant women can have to find out more about their baby before it is born). This test can see if your baby has Down’s Syndrome, like Christie’s daughter. In Spain, where this advertising campaign appeared, 90-95% of parents who use this prenatal test and discover that their child has Down’s Syndrome terminate the pregnancy. Christie says she was “heart-broken” when she found out her daughter’s photo was used to sell this product; a product that leads to the death of 90-95% of fetuses that have Down’s Syndrome. The company responsible for the advertising campaign, Genoma, have removed the image and Christie is consulting a lawyer. Genoma not only broke copyright laws by stealing the...

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Spanish Town Governed by Twitter

Jun is a small town in Spain. It is run completely on Twitter. Everything from government laws, job advertisements and the police is run through Twitter. You can even reserve a doctor’s appointment on Twitter here! The town is home to 3,500 residents and has been using Twitter successfully in every area of society since 2011. Everything in the town is done very efficiently because Twitter communication is instant. For example, one resident reported that a street lamp was broken on Twitter. Within 4 minutes, the lamp was repaired. Even the older citizens of Jun use Twitter. The town organises special classes for over 65s to learn about the internet and social media. The mayor of Jun says that using Twitter helps increase community spirit; citizens can contact government directly and immediately,  and it helps people get recognition for the work that they do. The Street Cleaner of the town posts ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of his work. Jun is the only town in the world that operates entirely on social media. Original story from: Digital Trends Discussion Questions 1) What is your opinion on this? Do you think it is a good idea? 2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter like this? 3) Do you use Twitter? 4) Do you think Twitter and social media will become more or less popular in the future? 5)...

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30% of Spaniards believe Humans lived with Dinousaurs

A recent study has shown that Spain has a very low level of science knowledge. 30% of Spanish people believe that humans lived with dinosaurs. In fact, the dinosaurs died out 65 million years before humans appeared on earth. 25% of the population believe that the sun rotates around the earth. In fact, it is the earth that orbits the sun. The study interviewed 6,355 individuals from every part of the country. It also found that only 25% of Spaniards are interested in science. Most of the people interviewed say that they have no interest in science because they don’t understand it. Source of information: Antena 3 (in...

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Crisis in the Mediterranean: Risking Your Life to Get to Europe

Tomorrow there will be an emergency meeting at the European Union to discuss the crisis of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to find safety in Europe. Last Sunday, more than 800 people died when their boat was shipwrecked off the coast of Italy. Since January, more than 1,750 migrants have died trying to make the journey to Europe. This is 30 times more than last year. Most of the migrants are fleeing from war and poverty in countries such as Syria and Eritrea.  Many are so desperate to escape that they will risk their lives entering over-crowded...

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Spanish Politician plays Candy Crush at work

A Spanish politician has been caught on camera playing Candy Crush on her tablet computer while the President was giving an important speech. Celia Villalobos is the Vice-President of the Congress of Deputies- an important job that is similar to that of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK.   It is her job to control the debate. She is also a member of the conservative Partido Popular, the ruling party in Spain. This happened during President Rajoy’s annual “state of the nation” speech. The opposition party in Spain, the left-wing  PSOE says that she has set a “very bad example”. This is not the first time a politician has been caught playing Candy Crush during a meeting. In December 2014 the British politician Nigel Mills was caught playing the game during a meeting on Work and Pensions. Vocabulary: to be caught doing something (v), ruling party (n), opposition party (n), left-wing (adj), to set a good/bad example to someone (v), pensions (n). Photo credit: El periodico Discussion Questions 1) Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing?  What happened? 2) Do you play any computer/moible games? Which ones? Why? 3) What advantages and disadvantages are there to playing games on the computer or mobile phone? 4) PSOE say that Celia Villalobos has set a bad example. Do you agree? Do you think she...

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