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What Happens to Ants in Space?

Ants were sent to the International Space Station in January 2014 so that scientists could observe them when there is no gravity. Scientists wanted to know how the ants would work as a team without gravity. They gave the ants a new area to search and watched how they did it. Sometimes when an ant started to float, he grabbed onto another ant to climb back to the floor. Scientists did the same experiment on earth to see the difference. The ants in space searched the area much more slowly than the earth ants. This is only because they kept falling off the surface. Their behavior did not change. The scientists did the experiment to learn about co-operative methods without gravity. They want to use the ants’ technique for groups of robots. Check your vocabulary here: to observe (v), gravity (n), to float (n), to grab onto (v), to climb (v), behavior (n), co-operative (adj). Story and Photo:...

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Rocket crashes

Vocabulary: attempt (v+n), to be on course (phrasal verb), narrowly (adv), ship deck (n). An attempt to safely land part of the SpaceX rocket on a ship in the Atlantic ocean has failed. (see previous post https://easyenglishnews.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/rocket-will-return-to-earth/). The top part of the rocket, containing materials for the International Space Station, is on course and will arrive next Monday. The bottom part of the rocket returned to earth and narrowly missed landing on the ship. The ship was not damaged, but some equipment on the ship’s deck was. SpaceX says it will continue trying to land rockets safely back on earth so that the rockets can be reused. This will make space exploration much cheaper in the future. You can watch the rocket being launched...

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Rocket will return to Earth

Vocabulary: rocket (n), top part/ bottom part (n), supplies (n), to land (v), ship (n). For the first time, part of a rocket will return safely to the earth. Normally, all parts of a rocket are destroyed when they return to the earth because they travel very quickly. SpaceX, a company from California, will send a rocket to the International Space Station on Tuesday. This rocket is called Falcon 9. The top part of the rocket contains supplies and experiments for the Space Station. This will arrive safely at the International Space Station. The bottom part, which contains the engine, will return to earth and land on a ship in the Atlantic ocean, near Florida. This is the ship where the rocket will land. This has never been tried before and it will be very difficult because the sea might move the ship. SpaceX says that there is only a 50% chance that the rocket will land safely on the ship. Rockets are extremely expensive, so to land part of the rocket on the ship would be a great achievement. The rocket can then be...

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