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Article Quiz: Katy Perry Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

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Kitchen Objects Quiz (Easy)

If you’re in an English-speaking country, you want to make sure that you know the name of your kitchen items in English so that you don’t go hungry! Test your knowledge with this kitchen objects...

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Guide to Language Levels: What level of English do you have?

Here I explain the official levels of language learning with examples of each level. There is also a quick test you can do to see what your real level of English is. This is the Common European Framework. Although not all schools or countries use it, I think it is the most accurate system and the easiest to use.  There are 6 levels. Level A1: Beginner Understands and communicates using basic vocabulary (e.g. food, names of countries, numbers). Frequent errors in grammar and pronunciation. Example Text “Mark is 12 years old. He has red hair and green eyes. His favourite sport is football.” A2: Pre-Intermediate Can complete routine tasks such as asking where the bathroom is in a restaurant. Can describe very simply where they are from, their likes and dislikes etc. Can use all simple tenses (I go, I went, I will go) Frequent errors in grammar and pronunciation Example Text: “Sarah and Tom went to the lake. It was a warm day and they took a picnic. There were lots of ducks swimming in the lake. The children decided to give the ducks some bread.” B1: Intermediate Students can use all simple tenses as well as continuous and perfect tenses. Students know the 1st conditional and some modal verbs. They can recognize the most common phrasal verbs (e.g. to get on with, to look after etc) Students...

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True or False? How much do you know about UK politics?

The UK is having its next general election next month but how much do you know about British politics and the general election? Are these sentences true or false? For help with vocabulary click here: 1) The UK does not have a constitution 2) All people aged 18 and over can vote in a general election 3) There are 500 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK 4) British people who live abroad cannot vote in general elections 5) The Queen has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister to discuss politics 6) A general election must be held in May 7) People in prison can vote in elections 8) People can vote for who they want to be Prime Minister 9) Members of the European Union living in the UK have the right to vote in the general election 10) In the last general election (in 2010) 35% of the British population did not vote.  1) TRUE: The UK does not have a written constitution. 2) TRUE: all adults (aged 18+) in the UK can vote in elections. 3) FALSE: There are 650 Members of Parliament (not 500). 4) FALSE: British people living abroad can vote, but they must register to do so.  However, you cannot vote if you have lived abroad for more than 15 years. 5) TRUE: The Prime Minister and the Queen meet once a week to discuss politics....

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