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Fake bank steals $32million

Vocabulary: fake (adj), state-owned (adj), to deposit (v), suspicious (adj), interest (money) (n), arrest (v). A fake bank was built in China and has stolen 200 million Yuan ($32million) from Chinese people. Photo: BBC The bank was built to look exactly like other state-owned banks and the people who ‘worked’ in this bank also wore the same uniforms. Around 200 people deposited money into this bank believing it to be the state bank. One businessman deposited $1.9million into the bank. He became suspicious when he didn’t receive interest on his money. He then asked the bank to return his money and when they said no, he went to the police. This is how it was discovered that the bank was not a real bank. Five people have been arrested by the police in relation to the fake bank. One of the women arrested is believed to have gone to Macau, a famous gambling centre, with the money that was deposited into the...

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Police raid in Belgium

Vocabulary: police raid (n), to raid (v), to shoot dead (v), to wound (v), to arrest (v), militant (n), descent (n), to be in police custody (verb phrase) Yesterday Belgian police raided a building in Verviers, Belgium. Two men who were suspected of being terrorists were shot dead by the police. Another man was wounded and arrested. Belgian Police before the raid The police believe that these men were Islamic militants who had returned from fighting in Syria and that they were planning an attack in Belgium. They believe that about 300 people have left Belgium to fight in Syria. As soon as the men saw the police they started shooting at them. Bomb-making equipment and police clothing were found inside the building. It is possible that they were planning to attack a local police station. On the same day, two other men were arrested in Brussels and there were police raids in other towns nearby. These people had been watched by the police for some time. However, after the attack in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, many people are worried that more attacks will happen soon. Last year, four people were killed in a Jewish museum in Brussels. A Frenchman of Algerian decent, is in police custody for this...

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David Cameron wants to ban Snapchat

Vocabulary: to ban (v), network (n), to investigate (v), encrypted (adj), to access (v), to catch (a criminal) (v). David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has said that he may ban Snapchat, Whatsapp and iMessage if he thinks that they are used by terrorists to communicate. These communication networks encrypt the messages that you send so that other people cannot read them. David Cameron believes this could be a problem for the Police and MI5 who are investigating criminals and terrorists. Currently, British security services do not have access to encrypted messages. Especially after the Paris attacks, Cameron sees this as a big problem. He has suggested banning these message servers unless the government and secret services can access them. He thinks that if the government reads peoples’ Snapchats, they might catch more criminals and terrorists. Read more about this...

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