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Riots in London After Election Results

The Conservative party won the UK General Election on Thursday. They now have a majority in the parliament. Although the elections were democratic, and there was no cheating, there have been riots in London today. Many people are not happy that the Conservatives won. Over 100 people gathered in London and 17 people were arrested. The protesters do not contest that the Conservatives won. But they are angry about it. Many British people feel that the election system in the UK is not  very fair. The UK uses the “first-past-the-post” system. This means that every seat in the parliament...

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Man spends night on the roof of the Houses of Parliament

A man who stood on the roof of the Houses of Parliament last night has been arrested by the police. The Houses of Parliament is the building used by the British government and is home to Big Ben. The 23 year old was first seen at about 9pm last night and the police, the fire brigade and an ambulance were called. The man paced up and down the roof of the building until 5am, when the police finally arrested him. No one knows why the man was on the roof, how he got up there, or why he was walking up and down it. The man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing (going to a place without permission). Vocabulary: roof (n), to be arrested (phrasal verb), fire brigade (n), to pace (v), suspicion (n), criminal damage (n), tresspassing (n), to trespass (v). Photo and story: The...

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Man tells everyone on Facebook that he’s going to rob a shop.

A man from Norfolk, England told his facebook friends that he was planning to rob a supermarket. His facebook status said the name of the supermarket, Tesco, and had a photo of a knife. The 31 year old robbed £410 from Tesco on the 13th February. A member of the public warned the police about his facebook status. He was found by the police a short time later. He was spending the money in a nearby pub. The man will be sentenced on the 8th April. He might go to prison. Vocabulary: to rob (v), knife (n), nearby (adj), to be sentences (phrasal verb), prison (n). Discussion question: if the man is found guilty, what do you think his punishment should be? (prison, a fine etc). Photo and story: The...

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UK School Girls Going to Fight for the Islamic State

Three teenage girls from Britain have ran away from home. They got on a flight to Turkey and are believed to be travelling to Syria to fight for the Islamic State. The girls are British Muslims. Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, flew  to Turkey on Tuesday. They were studying for their GCSEs at a school in East London. Before the girls left, Shamima sent a message on Twitter to Aqsa Mahmood, a girl from Glasgow, Scotland, who left the UK in 2013 to marry an Islamic State fighter. It is not thought that the girls knew each other except on Twitter. Shamima’s twitter account is now being monitored by the police. Baroness Warsi, a British politician and lawyer, has said that the Government is fighting a “losing battle” against online radicalisation. She commented that “one of the things that Islamic State has been very successful at is using the internet for their own propaganda”. The girls’ families and school are asking for them to return home and to contact them to let them know that they are safe. Vocabulary: to run away from home (phrasal verb), to monitor (v), to let someone know something (phrasal verb), Baroness (n). Discussion Questions 1) What could the connection be between the three girls from London and Aqsa from Scotland? 2) What is online radicalisation? Do you agree that we are “fighting a...

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Spanish man must pay 100 euros for running too fast

Vocabulary: to fine (v), pavement (n), driving licence (n), to obey (v), proposal (n), pedestrian (n), to breathalyze (v). A Spanish man has been fined 100 euros because he was running too quickly along the pavement. They also gave him 4 points on his driving licence. The fine says that the man did not obey the orders of the police, who told him to slow down. For this reason he was fined. This story is just one of many unusual traffic violation stories coming from Spain. Earlier this year, the government proposed new laws aimed at making the roads safer; the proposal is to consider pedestrians as “users of the road”. This means that they must follow the same rules as cars. Under this proposal, pedestrians would have to follow a speed limit (for example, not running too quickly) and they can be stopped by the police and breathalyzed if the police think that they are too drunk. They could be fined on both occasions. Many people have criticized this proposal saying that it may stop people from jogging and getting exercise. It could also have consequences on Spanish festivals, which typically take place outside and involve drinking alcohol. Photo and Information from: The Guardian  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/28/spain-proposal-to-breathalyse-pedestrians?CMP=share_btn_tw Extra information from: http://www.telecinco.es/informativos/sociedad/corredor_multado-multa-A_Coruna_2_1919955019.html (in...

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