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Why do Cyclones Have Names?

Cyclone Pam has devastated the South Pacific this week. It is possible that this is the worst natural disaster in the region’s recent history. The United Nations has said that 44 people have died in Vanuatu so far. The number may be higher. But why do cyclones have names? Who decides the name? Names are given to cyclones because it makes them easier to identify. The name is decided by a specialist meteorological centre. Depending on where the cyclone is, the nearest meteorological centre will give it a name. Cyclone Pam was named by the the Tropical Cyclone Warning Center in New Zealand. A cyclone only has a name if the winds are 65kph (kilometres per hour) or more. The name given to a cyclone is decided years in advance. You can see the lists of names here. The first cyclone in a year always has a name that begins with A (such as Ana). The second cyclone has a name beginning with B (such as Barbra). The list continues through the alphabet (Ana, Barry, Carey, Danielle etc). So cyclone Pam is the 16th cyclone in the South Pacific region this year (P is the 16th letter). Every year the list will start again from A. Vocabulary: cyclone (n), natural disaster (n), meteorological...

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American Tourists Write their Names on the Colosseum

Two American women, aged 21 and 25 wrote their names on the Colosseum, a 2000 year old building in Rome. They used a coin to carve their names into the brick. They then took “selfies” with the vandalism. Other tourists saw the girls and reported them to the police. They have now been arrested and charged with “aggravated damage of a building of historical interest”. The women have said sorry for their action and that they did not realise how “serious” the crime was. They thought it was a bit of fun. Vocabulary: coin (n), to carve (v), brick (n), selfie (n), vandalism (n), to report someone to the police (v), to charge someone with (v) aggravated (adj), damage (n+v). Story and Photo: The...

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You cannot name your child Nutella

Vocabulary: daughter (n), to laugh at (v), chocolate spread (n), court (n), teasing (n). In France today, a mother and father were told that they cannot name their daughter Nutella. The French court has decided that the name is not good for a child because other children might laugh at her. The judge said that it is not in the child’s interests to be named Nutella, which is a popular chocolate spread in France. He argued that it could lead to teasing and problems for the child in later life. The parents of the child did not attend court when the decision was made. The judge said that if they want, the parents can name their child Ella, instead of...

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