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Katy Perry is Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

According to Forbes, Katy Perry is this year’s highest paid woman in the music business. She earned $135 million this year, beating out Taylor Swift for the number one spot on the Forbes list of the richest women in music. Swift earned $80 million. Perry’s Prismatic tour earned her about $2 million per concert. She also earned money from her contracts with top brands like Covergirl, Coty and Claire’s. Even though Taylor Swift was not the top earner in 2015, Forbes Magazine believes she has a good chance at topping the list next year. She is currently on a...

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Article Quiz: Katy Perry Highest Paid Woman in Music Business

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Eurovision: Two Countries Guilty of Cheating?

Last night the Eurovision Song Contest was watched by millions of people worldwide. The singing contest even went live in China for the first time. There have been complaints for years about the competition being ‘too political’ and that countries vote only for their neighbours, not for the songs. This year we may have proof. The votes of each country is determined equally by a jury of five experts from that country, and by the public. The scores from the experts (50%) and the public (50%) are averaged to decide how that country will vote. This year two countries’ juries were disqualified. These countries were Montenegro and Macedonia- their countries’ votes were instead determined 100% by the public of these countries. The juries were excluded by the independent voting observer, whose role it is to ensure everything is fair. The Eurovision website only gives this brief statement: “In both countries, televoting applied for 100%. The exclusion of two juries will be further discussed in the next Reference Group meeting in June.” Eurovision refuses to say exactly why the two juries were excluded. There will be an investigation next month, but at the moment no one knows what happened. Did they cheat? Did the vote politically? Did they accept a bribe?  What do you think? Vocabulary: proof (n- evidence), determined (v- decided), jury (n- group of unbiased experts who decide...

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Like Game of Thrones? You’ll LOVE this

What happens when Coldplay writes songs for a musical version of Game of Thrones? Magic happens. Watch the full video on Youtube here As part of Red Nose Day, a day when people give money to charity, the cast of Game of Thrones decided to have a little fun with the band Coldplay. As Emilia Clarke, (aka the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen) says “George R Martin meets Chris Martin, what could go wrong?” She sings a Reggae song called “Rastafarian, Targaryen”. The dwarf Tyrion Lannister also impresses us with his vocal ability. He makes fun of all of the characters in the series that have died while he has survived “Ned Stark’s a lot of fun, but didn’t make it past season one” The song continues “Baby you know I’m the man for all seasons/ Characters get cut for various reasons/ Some people’s parts just ain’t very long/ But not me, I’m still going strong!” However, my favourite part of the video, is when Jamie Lanister sings a song called “Closer to Home” in which he sings “Are you thinking about Joffrey? Such a spirited lad. I was his uncle, I was also his dad.” It is clear that all the cast have an excellent sense of humour. All money raised in the making of this video went to charity....

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Best Music for Learning English

Here are my top 5 music artists that English students should listen to. They have been chosen because they have clear pronunciation and great vocabulary (by great I mean interesting and useful- none of this street ganksta talk or old-fashioned nonsense that people just don’t say in real life). 1) George Ezra George Ezra is a singer from Hertford England. He sings folk-rock music and his album “Wanted on Voyage” was the third biggest selling album in the UK last year. Check out his song Listen to the Man on Youtube. Sir Ian McKellen (from Lord of the Rings)...

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