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Ducks Get their Own Traffic Lane in London

“Duck Lanes” have been installed in London, Manchester and Birmingham, England.  The lanes are along canal areas where ducks usually live. The idea is to help people be more aware of the space, and to share the road with the ducks. The “Duck Lanes” were designed by the Canal River Trust who maintain the waterways in England and Wales. Their motto is “share the space, slow your pace: it is a special place”. It is not known if the ducks are following the duck lanes...

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Riots in London After Election Results

The Conservative party won the UK General Election on Thursday. They now have a majority in the parliament. Although the elections were democratic, and there was no cheating, there have been riots in London today. Many people are not happy that the Conservatives won. Over 100 people gathered in London and 17 people were arrested. The protesters do not contest that the Conservatives won. But they are angry about it. Many British people feel that the election system in the UK is not  very fair. The UK uses the “first-past-the-post” system. This means that every seat in the parliament...

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Man spends night on the roof of the Houses of Parliament

A man who stood on the roof of the Houses of Parliament last night has been arrested by the police. The Houses of Parliament is the building used by the British government and is home to Big Ben. The 23 year old was first seen at about 9pm last night and the police, the fire brigade and an ambulance were called. The man paced up and down the roof of the building until 5am, when the police finally arrested him. No one knows why the man was on the roof, how he got up there, or why he was walking up and down it. The man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing (going to a place without permission). Vocabulary: roof (n), to be arrested (phrasal verb), fire brigade (n), to pace (v), suspicion (n), criminal damage (n), tresspassing (n), to trespass (v). Photo and story: The...

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Man stops people parking with a giant canon

Vocabulary: to get annoyed (v+adj), to park (v), retired (adj), canon (n), to deter (v), prop (n). Paul Davis, from London, gets very annoyed when people park their cars in front of his house. The retired army officer, 67, gets so annoyed that he has decided to do something about it; he has put a giant canon there hoping that this will deter people from parking. The canon is not real; it is a prop from a British TV show called Hornblower but Paul Davis says that it doesn’t matter. The canon scares people so much that no one has parked in front of his house since it has been installed. Photos and story from...

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