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Donald Trump Proposes to Keep all Muslims out of USA

  Donald Trump, a United States presidential candidate, has proposed that all Muslims be banned from entering the United States. On December 7th, Trump made the following statement: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” He made this announcement at a USS Yorktown gathering. The crowd applauded and cheered in agreement (see video below). Trump is a republican presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. He is currently the front-runner of the republican party. His statements are causing a...

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9 Britons Try to Join the Islamic State in Syria

Nine British people have been stopped at the Turkey Syria border. It is believed that they are trying to enter Syria illegally to fight for the Islamic State. The group includes three men, two women and four children. They have been stopped by the Turkish police. Around 600 Brits have left the UK to go to Syria and Iraq to fight for Islamic State, including many teenagers. However, this may be the first time that a family has tried to enter the dangerous, war-torn area with children. In February, three teenage girls from London left the UK to join the Islamic State. Read more about this story: HERE Vocabulary: Islamic State (n), border (n), illegally (adv), war-torn (adj) Story and Photo: Daily Mail What is your view on this...

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Barack Obama says the US is at war

The US president has said the United States are at war with “people who have perverted Islam”. He was very precise that the US is not at war with Islam in general, only with those who “pervert” the religion. He said that the world must confront ideologies that radicalise people. He said that groups like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda are organised not by religious leaders, but by terrorists. It is these terrorists who must be defeated, not the religion of Islam. The United States have been carrying out air strikes on Islamic State since last year, but Obama believes that military actions will not be enough to defeat violent extremism; communities must do something too. In particular he believes that we must encourage the idea that Islam and Western values can live together peacefully. He said  “Muslim leaders need to do more to discredit the idea that our nations are determined to suppress Islam”. Story and Photo: BBC Vocabulary: to pervert (v), precise (adj), to confront (v), to carry out (phrasal verb), an air strike (n), to encourage (v), to discredit (v), determined (adj). Discussion Questions 1) What do you think it means to “pervert” a religion? Can you give an example? 2) Barack Obama says that communities also need to do something to help fight extremism. Do you agree? What could communities do? 3) The article talks...

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3 Gunmen and 4 Hostages Killed in France

Vocabulary: warehouse (n), hostage (n), to fire (a gun) (v), injured (adj) The two brothers who killed the French Charlie Hebdo journalists on Wednesday have been found and killed by police. They were found in a warehouse 35km north of Paris. They had taken one hostage and came out of the warehouse firing their guns at the police. One police officer was injured. The hostage was not harmed. At the same time another gunman took hostages in a Jewish supermarket in the east of Paris. Four hostages were killed, four injured and fifteen escaped. This gunman was also shot dead by police and two police officers were injured in the incident. This gunman is believed to be a friend of the brothers. The French president, Francois Hollande, has called these events “a tragedy for the...

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