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19 Confirmed Dead in Tunisia Museum Attack

The gun attack on Bardo museum in Tunis yesterday killed 17 tourists and 2 Tunisian nationals. The President of Tunisia Beji Caid Essebsi said that the country is now “at war with terror”. He also said that “democracy will win and it will survive” More that 40 people were injured in the event and the two attackers were shot dead by police. The police continue to look for accomplices; people who helped them with the attack. inside the museum Vocabulary: injured (adj), to shoot someone dead (v), accomplice (n). Story and Photos: BBC...

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Tourists Killed in Tunisia Museum

UPDADTED: 17 tourists and 2 Tunisians have been killed in a museum in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The tourists were of Spanish, German, Italian and Polish nationalities. One of the Tunisians killed was a police officer. Security forces have killed the two men responsible for the attack at Bardo Museum in central Tunis. The two men haven’t been identified yet. Photo credit: Operation...

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Three year old shoots both of his parents

Vocabulary: to shoot (v), buttock (n), motel (n), stable (adj), child negligence (n). A three year old shot both of his parents after finding a gun in his mum’s handbag. The toddler was apparently looking for an IPod when he found the gun. The boy shot his dad in the buttock and the bullet went straight through to hit his mother in the arm. The  family were in a motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico when this happened. The little boy’s two-year-old sister was also in the motel room but was not hurt. Both his parents were sent to hospital. His dad has since been released but his mum, who is eight months pregnant, is still in hospital.  She is in a stable condition. It is possible that the police will charge the parents with child negligence....

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