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Spanish Town Governed by Twitter

Jun is a small town in Spain. It is run completely on Twitter. Everything from government laws, job advertisements and the police is run through Twitter. You can even reserve a doctor’s appointment on Twitter here! The town is home to 3,500 residents and has been using Twitter successfully in every area of society since 2011. Everything in the town is done very efficiently because Twitter communication is instant. For example, one resident reported that a street lamp was broken on Twitter. Within 4 minutes, the lamp was repaired. Even the older citizens of Jun use Twitter. The town organises special classes for over 65s to learn about the internet and social media. The mayor of Jun says that using Twitter helps increase community spirit; citizens can contact government directly and immediately,  and it helps people get recognition for the work that they do. The Street Cleaner of the town posts ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of his work. Jun is the only town in the world that operates entirely on social media. Original story from: Digital Trends Discussion Questions 1) What is your opinion on this? Do you think it is a good idea? 2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter like this? 3) Do you use Twitter? 4) Do you think Twitter and social media will become more or less popular in the future? 5)...

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The 5 Biggest Problems in the UK

The General Election is coming soon and the UK is getting ready to vote. Here is a list of the main topics of political debate here: 1) Health The UK runs a public health service called the NHS (National Health Service). This means that anybody who needs medical attention receives it for free. It is funded by taxes. The NHS is a big concern for many voters because; The UK population is increasing and people are also living longer. This means that there is a strain on services; there are more people needing medical care and not enough doctors...

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British Politics Explained

Here is a list of vocabulary about British Politics; General Election – when the adults (aged 18+) of the United Kingdom vote for the politicians that they want to represent them. A General Election is usually held once every five years. There will be one on the 7th May 2015. Member of Parliament (MP) – the politician who represents a certain area or town. They sit in the House of Commons and vote on legislation.There are 650 MPs in the UK.  Legislation (n) – written laws – Legislative (adj) House of Commons – one half of the legislative  government.  The people who sit in the House of Commons (the 650 MPs) vote on laws. The people can choose who sits in this part. House of Lords –the other half of the legislative government . The people who sit in this house are NOT voted for by the people. Lord / Lady – these people sit in the House of Lords. They either have been awarded this title or have inherited it through their family. They are not democratically elected. Prime Minister – the head of the UK government. They are also an MP. This is not the same as the head of state or president. Head of State – the highest political position in the country. The head of state in the UK is Queen Elizabeth II. In countries...

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UK School Girls Going to Fight for the Islamic State

Three teenage girls from Britain have ran away from home. They got on a flight to Turkey and are believed to be travelling to Syria to fight for the Islamic State. The girls are British Muslims. Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, flew  to Turkey on Tuesday. They were studying for their GCSEs at a school in East London. Before the girls left, Shamima sent a message on Twitter to Aqsa Mahmood, a girl from Glasgow, Scotland, who left the UK in 2013 to marry an Islamic State fighter. It is not thought that the girls knew each other except on Twitter. Shamima’s twitter account is now being monitored by the police. Baroness Warsi, a British politician and lawyer, has said that the Government is fighting a “losing battle” against online radicalisation. She commented that “one of the things that Islamic State has been very successful at is using the internet for their own propaganda”. The girls’ families and school are asking for them to return home and to contact them to let them know that they are safe. Vocabulary: to run away from home (phrasal verb), to monitor (v), to let someone know something (phrasal verb), Baroness (n). Discussion Questions 1) What could the connection be between the three girls from London and Aqsa from Scotland? 2) What is online radicalisation? Do you agree that we are “fighting a...

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Are British people so stupid they would eat flowers?

Supermarkets in the UK have been told to move daffodils, a popular yellow flower, away from fruit and vegetables. Public Health England, a part of the government, is worried that people might get confused and think that the flowers are onions or a type of Chinese vegetable. Daffodils are very poisonous and will make you vomit if you eat them. Therefore Public Health England has asked supermarkets to move the daffodil flowers and bulbs away from the fruit and vegetable section. Last year 27 people in the UK were poisoned by eating a daffodil.   Vocabulary: daffodil (n), poisonous (adj), vomit (v), bulb...

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