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5 Interesting Easter Facts You Should Know

Many people believe that Easter is a Christian festival: the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. However, many Easter traditions are not really Christian. The word Easter originates from the Anglo-Saxon God called Eostre. Here are 5 facts about Easter: 1) Easter is Anglo-Saxon in Origin Photo Credit Eostre was the goddess of spring and dawn (sunrise). In Anglo-Saxon times, a feast was held in spring to celebrate the goddess who brought new life to the world (this is when the flowers bloom and baby animals are born). It was not until the Romans invaded the UK that Easter became synonymous with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2) Easter changes date depending on the moon Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring. It can be any time between March 22nd and April 25th. 3) People spend lots of money buying chocolate It is tradition to give chocolate eggs at Easter because these symbolise new life. The average child in Britain receives 8.8 eggs at Easter. Photo Credit 4) There is a special Easter hat Easter bonnets are often made and worn at Easter. They can include flowers, colourful eggs and sometimes pictures of small baby animals. They symbolise the new coming of spring. Many British school children make Easter Bonnets at school. 5) Rabbits are the symbol of Easter because they have lots of...

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Are British people so stupid they would eat flowers?

Supermarkets in the UK have been told to move daffodils, a popular yellow flower, away from fruit and vegetables. Public Health England, a part of the government, is worried that people might get confused and think that the flowers are onions or a type of Chinese vegetable. Daffodils are very poisonous and will make you vomit if you eat them. Therefore Public Health England has asked supermarkets to move the daffodil flowers and bulbs away from the fruit and vegetable section. Last year 27 people in the UK were poisoned by eating a daffodil.   Vocabulary: daffodil (n), poisonous (adj), vomit (v), bulb...

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5 year old McDonalds burger has not changed at all

Vocabulary: to make a profit (v+n), to import (v), whiskey (n), collapse (n+v), franchise (n). McDonalds closed all of its restaurants in Iceland in 2009 because the businesses were no longer making a profit. Iceland had three McDonalds franchises in Iceland. Although they were very popular, they were not making money. This is because they imported the ingredients from Germany and this was very expensive. Iceland had a lot of economic problems following the collapse of its banking industry in 2008. This made it very difficult and expensive to import goods. Importing a kilo of onions from Germany cost the same as buying a bottle of good whiskey. One man bought a hamburger and chips from McDonalds in 2009 beore the restaurant closed and decided to keep it. He says that it has not changed at all from the day that he bought it because the preservatives in the food are so powerful. You can see the burger...

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Man stops people parking with a giant canon

Vocabulary: to get annoyed (v+adj), to park (v), retired (adj), canon (n), to deter (v), prop (n). Paul Davis, from London, gets very annoyed when people park their cars in front of his house. The retired army officer, 67, gets so annoyed that he has decided to do something about it; he has put a giant canon there hoping that this will deter people from parking. The canon is not real; it is a prop from a British TV show called Hornblower but Paul Davis says that it doesn’t matter. The canon scares people so much that no one has parked in front of his house since it has been installed. Photos and story from...

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You cannot name your child Nutella

Vocabulary: daughter (n), to laugh at (v), chocolate spread (n), court (n), teasing (n). In France today, a mother and father were told that they cannot name their daughter Nutella. The French court has decided that the name is not good for a child because other children might laugh at her. The judge said that it is not in the child’s interests to be named Nutella, which is a popular chocolate spread in France. He argued that it could lead to teasing and problems for the child in later life. The parents of the child did not attend court when the decision was made. The judge said that if they want, the parents can name their child Ella, instead of...

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