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Like Game of Thrones? You’ll LOVE this

What happens when Coldplay writes songs for a musical version of Game of Thrones? Magic happens. Watch the full video on Youtube here As part of Red Nose Day, a day when people give money to charity, the cast of Game of Thrones decided to have a little fun with the band Coldplay. As Emilia Clarke, (aka the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen) says “George R Martin meets Chris Martin, what could go wrong?” She sings a Reggae song called “Rastafarian, Targaryen”. The dwarf Tyrion Lannister also impresses us with his vocal ability. He makes fun of all of the characters in the series that have died while he has survived “Ned Stark’s a lot of fun, but didn’t make it past season one” The song continues “Baby you know I’m the man for all seasons/ Characters get cut for various reasons/ Some people’s parts just ain’t very long/ But not me, I’m still going strong!” However, my favourite part of the video, is when Jamie Lanister sings a song called “Closer to Home” in which he sings “Are you thinking about Joffrey? Such a spirited lad. I was his uncle, I was also his dad.” It is clear that all the cast have an excellent sense of humour. All money raised in the making of this video went to charity....

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Spanish Town Governed by Twitter

Jun is a small town in Spain. It is run completely on Twitter. Everything from government laws, job advertisements and the police is run through Twitter. You can even reserve a doctor’s appointment on Twitter here! The town is home to 3,500 residents and has been using Twitter successfully in every area of society since 2011. Everything in the town is done very efficiently because Twitter communication is instant. For example, one resident reported that a street lamp was broken on Twitter. Within 4 minutes, the lamp was repaired. Even the older citizens of Jun use Twitter. The town organises special classes for over 65s to learn about the internet and social media. The mayor of Jun says that using Twitter helps increase community spirit; citizens can contact government directly and immediately,  and it helps people get recognition for the work that they do. The Street Cleaner of the town posts ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of his work. Jun is the only town in the world that operates entirely on social media. Original story from: Digital Trends Discussion Questions 1) What is your opinion on this? Do you think it is a good idea? 2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter like this? 3) Do you use Twitter? 4) Do you think Twitter and social media will become more or less popular in the future? 5)...

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Mr Burns and Ned Flanders to Leave the Simpsons

Voice actor Harry Shearer is leaving the Simpsons after an argument with producers. He is the voice of the characters Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and the school principle Seymour Skinner. Shearer said that the argument was not about money. He said that he wanted to do other work. Continuing to work on the Simpsons would prevent him from taking new work. The 71-year old has been on the Simpsons since it started in 1989. Producers say that they will not kill off the characters played by Shearer and that they are looking for a talented voice actor to continue the roles. The Simpsons will continue for at least two more seasons. Story and Photos:...

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True or False? How much do you know about UK politics?

The UK is having its next general election next month but how much do you know about British politics and the general election? Are these sentences true or false? For help with vocabulary click here: 1) The UK does not have a constitution 2) All people aged 18 and over can vote in a general election 3) There are 500 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK 4) British people who live abroad cannot vote in general elections 5) The Queen has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister to discuss politics 6) A general election must be held in May 7) People in prison can vote in elections 8) People can vote for who they want to be Prime Minister 9) Members of the European Union living in the UK have the right to vote in the general election 10) In the last general election (in 2010) 35% of the British population did not vote.  1) TRUE: The UK does not have a written constitution. 2) TRUE: all adults (aged 18+) in the UK can vote in elections. 3) FALSE: There are 650 Members of Parliament (not 500). 4) FALSE: British people living abroad can vote, but they must register to do so.  However, you cannot vote if you have lived abroad for more than 15 years. 5) TRUE: The Prime Minister and the Queen meet once a week to discuss politics....

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