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The 5 Biggest Problems in the UK

The General Election is coming soon and the UK is getting ready to vote. Here is a list of the main topics of political debate here: 1) Health The UK runs a public health service called the NHS (National Health Service). This means that anybody who needs medical attention receives it for free. It is funded by taxes. The NHS is a big concern for many voters because; The UK population is increasing and people are also living longer. This means that there is a strain on services; there are more people needing medical care and not enough doctors...

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Spikes stop people sleeping in the streets

Over the last year, many buildings have installed “anti-homeless” spikes like these to stop people sleeping in the streets. The spikes are appearing in major cities such as London and Manchester, outside shops and under bridges where homeless people usually sleep. The shops and businesses believe that when homeless people sleep near their buildings, this gives a bad impression to customers and it might stop people entering the buildings. These spikes were installed outside Selfridges, a luxury department store in Manchester, on the 1st December last year: The store says it has installed these spikes because customers have complained that people who sat here smoked and left litter. This made the front of the shop look ugly. The phenomenom of “defensive architecture” such as this is very controversial. Over 3,000 people have signed a petition to remove the spikes from Selfridges saying that these spikes are “inhumane” and that they will not help solve the problem of homelessness in the UK. It will only move the problem to a different place. The Guardian newspaper says that this type of architecture is a type of apartheid: it stops homeless people living in public places. It makes them invisible to the rest of society. The UK is not the only country to install “anti-homeless” architecture. Spikes are also used in China (photo below). In New York City a famous bookstore has...

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Fake bank steals $32million

Vocabulary: fake (adj), state-owned (adj), to deposit (v), suspicious (adj), interest (money) (n), arrest (v). A fake bank was built in China and has stolen 200 million Yuan ($32million) from Chinese people. Photo: BBC The bank was built to look exactly like other state-owned banks and the people who ‘worked’ in this bank also wore the same uniforms. Around 200 people deposited money into this bank believing it to be the state bank. One businessman deposited $1.9million into the bank. He became suspicious when he didn’t receive interest on his money. He then asked the bank to return his money and when they said no, he went to the police. This is how it was discovered that the bank was not a real bank. Five people have been arrested by the police in relation to the fake bank. One of the women arrested is believed to have gone to Macau, a famous gambling centre, with the money that was deposited into the...

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