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Lion escapes from Zoo

A lion in a zoo in Shandong, China escaped from its cage. A 65 year-old zoo keeper was cleaning the lion’s cage when the lion attacked him. He was bitten on the shoulder and later died of his injuries. The lion then escaped from its cage. The lion was loose in the zoo for about an hour before it was caught and shot. Visitors and staff were evacuated from the zoo while the lion was loose. The zoo then reopened as normal in the afternoon. Some reports in China ask if it was really necessary to kill the lion. They argue that the lion was reacting to small living space and a loss of freedom. Other reports argue that the lion needed to be killed because he was dangerous (he had just killed the zoo keeper). What do you think? Was it necessary to kill the...

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Argentine President insults the Chinese on Twitter

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, the president of Argentina, has made fun of the Chinese on Twitter. In her tweet she laughs at how the Chinese struggle to pronounce the letter ‘r’. She said that the Chinese can’t pronounce words such as ‘rice’ and ‘petrolium’ correctly, instead saying ‘lice’ and ‘petlolium’. Ms Fernandez is visiting China in an attempt to try to make stronger relations and increase trade between the countries. Many people on Twitter have said that the tweet was offensive and that she should “know better”. There has been no official response from her Chinese hosts on the offensive tweet. Ms Fernandez has since apologised for the tweet.   Vocabulary: to make fun of (phrasal verb), petroleum (n), to know better (phrasal verb), trade (n), offensive...

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Fake bank steals $32million

Vocabulary: fake (adj), state-owned (adj), to deposit (v), suspicious (adj), interest (money) (n), arrest (v). A fake bank was built in China and has stolen 200 million Yuan ($32million) from Chinese people. Photo: BBC The bank was built to look exactly like other state-owned banks and the people who ‘worked’ in this bank also wore the same uniforms. Around 200 people deposited money into this bank believing it to be the state bank. One businessman deposited $1.9million into the bank. He became suspicious when he didn’t receive interest on his money. He then asked the bank to return his money and when they said no, he went to the police. This is how it was discovered that the bank was not a real bank. Five people have been arrested by the police in relation to the fake bank. One of the women arrested is believed to have gone to Macau, a famous gambling centre, with the money that was deposited into the...

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36 People Dead in New Year Celebration

Vocabulary: crush (v+n), stampede (n), fireworks show (n), fake (adj), to collect (v), to push (v). Last night the world celebrated the end of 2014 and the coming of a new year. While most people partied and celebrated with friends and family, in Shanghai, China, there was a huge crush and stampede which killed 36 people. Every year there is a fireworks show in Shangai but this year it was cancelled. Even though the show was cancelled many people still went to the city centre to celebrate. No one is sure what exactly caused the crush, but many people said that problems started when fake money was thrown from a building and people stopped to collect it. Other people say that there were simply too many people in a small area, and that many people were pushing. There will be an investigation into the cause of the stampede. A sad start to 2015.   Read More:...

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