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A mother fights for her son to NOT do homework

Eva Bailen, a mother-of-three, has started an online petition calling for her son’s school to stop giving the children homework. Her 10-year-old son is spending three hours a day after school doing homework and Ms Bailen says this needs to stop. Ms Bailen is from Spain and she says that in Spain the amount of homework a child is given depends on the teacher- there is no nation-wide rule about it. She says her other children (aged 8 and 12) hardly get homework and that this is not fair on her 10 year old. Her online petition has gained over 100,000 signatures already. One person who signed it was Alfonso Gonzalez, a teacher and fellow parent. He confesses that he used to do his daughter’s homework for her. He says “I did it because I wanted her to have a happy childhood and ten hours of sleep at night. I would argue that thanks to that, my daughter is now a healthy teenager, and a great athlete who loves to read.” Gonzalez says that “homework is nonsense” because “what a child needs to learn during primary education can be learned during the hours that he is at school”. However, he thinks children at secondary school should get some homework. The average teenager in Spain does about 6 hours of homework a week. Which is much more than poor Eva Bailen’s son’s 15...

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The Pope says it is okay to hit children

Vocabulary: dignity (n), to hit (v), to smack (v), to maintain (v), firmness (n), abuse (n).   The Pope has said that he agrees with parents who hit their children if “dignity is maintained”. He made the comment during the weekly general audience at the Vatican. The Pope said that a good father is someone who forgives but also to “correct with firmness”. However, some child abuse charities have questioned the Pope’s comment. The NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) are particularly concerned about what the Pope said. Their leader Peter Saunders wants to raise the issue with the Pope again on Friday. The issue is particularly important due to the recent stories of priests abusing...

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Three year old shoots both of his parents

Vocabulary: to shoot (v), buttock (n), motel (n), stable (adj), child negligence (n). A three year old shot both of his parents after finding a gun in his mum’s handbag. The toddler was apparently looking for an IPod when he found the gun. The boy shot his dad in the buttock and the bullet went straight through to hit his mother in the arm. The  family were in a motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico when this happened. The little boy’s two-year-old sister was also in the motel room but was not hurt. Both his parents were sent to hospital. His dad has since been released but his mum, who is eight months pregnant, is still in hospital.  She is in a stable condition. It is possible that the police will charge the parents with child negligence....

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You cannot name your child Nutella

Vocabulary: daughter (n), to laugh at (v), chocolate spread (n), court (n), teasing (n). In France today, a mother and father were told that they cannot name their daughter Nutella. The French court has decided that the name is not good for a child because other children might laugh at her. The judge said that it is not in the child’s interests to be named Nutella, which is a popular chocolate spread in France. He argued that it could lead to teasing and problems for the child in later life. The parents of the child did not attend court when the decision was made. The judge said that if they want, the parents can name their child Ella, instead of...

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