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Why was the British Princess Called Charlotte?

Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday 2nd May. The name of the princess was revealed on Monday: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana The Queen and other senior royals, including Prince Harry, William’s younger brother, were told the name before it was revealed to the media. But Why Charlotte? Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, the name of her paternal grandfather and two previous kings of England. It was also the name of the wife of king George III’s wife who was the monarch in the early 18th century. On Charlotte’s mother’s side of the family Charlotte is also significant.  It is the middle name of Pippa Middleton, Charlotte’s aunt and Kate Middleton’s younger sister. Charlotte was the 23rd most popular girl’s name in the UK last year. Royal historian Hugo Vickers believes that the name Charlotte was chosen because they liked the name, rather than historical significance. He says “We historians can always find someone called Charlotte, but I think basically they just liked the name.” The other two names are more obvious; Elizabeth after the Queen, Charlotte’s great-grandmother, and Diana after Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother, who died in a car crash in 1997 Activities: 1) Using the information in this article draw a family tree with the following people on it: William, Kate, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Dianna, Pippa, Harry, Charles....

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Three year old shoots both of his parents

Vocabulary: to shoot (v), buttock (n), motel (n), stable (adj), child negligence (n). A three year old shot both of his parents after finding a gun in his mum’s handbag. The toddler was apparently looking for an IPod when he found the gun. The boy shot his dad in the buttock and the bullet went straight through to hit his mother in the arm. The  family were in a motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico when this happened. The little boy’s two-year-old sister was also in the motel room but was not hurt. Both his parents were sent to hospital. His dad has since been released but his mum, who is eight months pregnant, is still in hospital.  She is in a stable condition. It is possible that the police will charge the parents with child negligence....

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Russian cat saves baby

Vocabulary: newborn (adj), apparently (adv), to abandon (v), stairwell (n), to keep warm (v). A cat called Masha is being called a hero for saving the life of a newborn baby boy. This happened in the Russian town of Obninsk. The baby was apparently abandoned in a stairwell with a bag full of clothes and a bottle of milk. The cat was keeping the baby warm. The baby was found in the cat’s box. The owner of the cat discovered the baby when he started crying and he was taken to hospital. The baby is just a couple of months old and the police are trying to find his parents. Watch the video...

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