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Giant Cyclones in the South Pacific and Australia

A level 5 cyclone called Pam has hit several South Pacific countries. There have been flash floods and very high winds in Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.  A level 3 cyclone called Olwyn has hit the western coast of Australia and there are winds of 195 kph (kilometres per hour) There has been a lot of damage to buildings and lots of people have been evacuated. However, luckily, no one has been injured or killed. Vocabulary: flash floods (n: floods that start very quickly), high winds (adj+n: strong and fast winds), evacuate (v: to leave your house because of...

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Australia to enter the Eurovision Song Contest

This year Australia will be a contestant on the Eurovision Song Contest, a singing contest held once a year in Europe. Traditionally only European countries could enter the Eurovision Song Contest (hence the name), however Australia is not the first non-European country to enter. Israel has entered frequently in the past and Morocco also entered in 1980. This year will be the 60th contest and it will be held in Vienna, Austria.   Last year’s winner: Conchita Wurst   Vocabulary: contestant (n), hence...

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Fight at Darts Competition in Australia

vocabulary: darts (n), to break out (phrasal verb), fancy dress (n), chaos (n). Yesterday, at a darts competition in Melbourne, Australia, a fight broke out in the audience. ‘Mighty Mike’ van Gerwin, from Holland, was playing Simon ‘the Wizard’ Whitlock, from Australia. Many members of the audience were in fancy dress. No one knows exactly why the fight started. People started throwing tables and chairs and fighting each other. The police were called, but arrived too late; the whole seating area had already been destroyed. There were 56,000 people watching the darts match in the arena, which was delayed until the chaos and fighting had stopped. Mighty Mike eventually won 9-8. Photos...

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