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Snow Leopards Face Extinction Due to Climate Change

A new study from the World Wildlife Fund has warned that climate change effects as well as illegal hunting might push snow leopards near extinction, as habitat loss contributed to a 20% decline of their population over the past 16 years. The WWF estimates that there are only 4,000 snow leopards in the high mountains of Central Asia. Moreover, the report found that warmer temperatures might cause changes in the mountain climates, which would result in conditions that are not right for the animals. About 14% of the snow leopards’ habitat has been researched so far, the report states....

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Lion escapes from Zoo

A lion in a zoo in Shandong, China escaped from its cage. A 65 year-old zoo keeper was cleaning the lion’s cage when the lion attacked him. He was bitten on the shoulder and later died of his injuries. The lion then escaped from its cage. The lion was loose in the zoo for about an hour before it was caught and shot. Visitors and staff were evacuated from the zoo while the lion was loose. The zoo then reopened as normal in the afternoon. Some reports in China ask if it was really necessary to kill the lion. They argue that the lion was reacting to small living space and a loss of freedom. Other reports argue that the lion needed to be killed because he was dangerous (he had just killed the zoo keeper). What do you think? Was it necessary to kill the...

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Giant Manta Ray found in Peru

This giant Manta Ray was found off the coast of Peru. It measures 8 metres and weighs more than 1000kg It was found by fishermen and this photo was taken by a tourist who shared the photo on social media.   The biggest Manta Ray ever recorded had a wingspan of 9.1 metres.   What is your opinion on this: should the Manta Ray be caught or should it be left to swim in the ocean? ...

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Peanut the Turtle: The Full Story

This is Peanut the turtle.   When she was a baby, she crawled into this plastic ring used to hold beer cans together (a six pack of beer). She could not escape and so her body grew around the plastic. This is why she was given the name ‘Peanut’. Although Peanut survived and grew, some of her organs did not develop properly. She had the plastic around her for four years. She was found in 1993 and was taken to a vet. The vet removed the plastic. She now lives a happy life in the Missouri Department of Conservation in the USA.   Story and photos: Inhabitat Vocabulary: to crawl (v), a six-pack (n), ring (n), organs (n),properly (adv), vet (n). Discussion questions: 1) Do you recycle? What materials do you recycle? How often? 2) Do you do anything to help the environment or animals? 3) What can governments do to protect animals? 4) Should people be be punished for leaving litter? What should the punishment be? 5) Should people be punished for harming the environment or harming animals? 6) What can we do to protect animals like...

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Japan’s Cat Island

Aoshima Island in Japan is only one mile long. There are no shops or restaurants but it is home to over 120 cats. There are 6 cats on this island for every human. The island has become a popular destination for tourists who love cats. However some locals are fed up with the cats because they steal food and make lots of mess.   Vocabulary: mile (n), to be fed up with something (phrasal verb), to make mess (v), Story and Photos: The Metro   Discussion questions: Do you like cats? Do you prefer cats or dogs? Do you have any pets? Would you like to live on an island with lots of animals? If you could be an animal for a day, what animal would you like to...

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