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A library where you borrow cats, not books

A government office in New Mexico, USA has a cat library. Employees can go to the cat library, choose a cat and take it back to their desk for one hour. Employees report feeling happier and more productive at work. How did this start? A local cat shelter (a place where lost and neglected cats can be adopted by loving families) decided to place a “cat  condo” in the government building. Because lots of people pass through the building each day, they thought that this would generate interest in the cats and more people would adopt them. How does...

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Russian cat saves baby

Vocabulary: newborn (adj), apparently (adv), to abandon (v), stairwell (n), to keep warm (v). A cat called Masha is being called a hero for saving the life of a newborn baby boy. This happened in the Russian town of Obninsk. The baby was apparently abandoned in a stairwell with a bag full of clothes and a bottle of milk. The cat was keeping the baby warm. The baby was found in the cat’s box. The owner of the cat discovered the baby when he started crying and he was taken to hospital. The baby is just a couple of months old and the police are trying to find his parents. Watch the video...

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America’s new weapon: goats

Vocabulary: invasive (adj.), crop (n.), to grow back (phrasal verb), unlike (prep.), steep (adj.), soil (n.), to clean up (phrasal verb), cemetery (n.). The US is famous for its weapons, but this time they are using something a bit unusual to fight their enemy: goats. The goats are used to kill poisonous and invasive species of plants that destroy farms and crops. In particular, they are used to eat Poison Ivy and a plant called Kutzu. This plant is originally from Asia, but causes lots of problems in the south of the US (Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia) because it grows very quickly: a foot (30cm) a day. Goats are used to eat all of the plant until it cannot grow back again. Typically chemicals or machines have been used to kill the plants, but goats are much better: unlike machines, they can go up steep mountains and into forests and unlike chemicals, they do not harm the soil. The goats were even used to clean up the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC....

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