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The most important discovery of the past 50 years (archaeology)

Some stone tools have been found in Kenya that are 3.3 million years old. The earliest humans came 700,000 years after these tools were made. So, who could have made them? Scientists now believe that earlier ancestors of humans were more intelligent than we believed. The species Australopithecus afarensis, which has both ape and human features (picture above) could possibly have made the tools. some of the tools found in Kenya Scientists used to believe that this species was quite primitive, but after the discovery of the tools, they now believe that it is possible that this species was more sophisticated and used tools to hunt. This has been described as the “most important archaeological discovery of the past 50 years” Story and images:...

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19 Confirmed Dead in Tunisia Museum Attack

The gun attack on Bardo museum in Tunis yesterday killed 17 tourists and 2 Tunisian nationals. The President of Tunisia Beji Caid Essebsi said that the country is now “at war with terror”. He also said that “democracy will win and it will survive” More that 40 people were injured in the event and the two attackers were shot dead by police. The police continue to look for accomplices; people who helped them with the attack. inside the museum Vocabulary: injured (adj), to shoot someone dead (v), accomplice (n). Story and Photos: BBC...

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Tourists Killed in Tunisia Museum

UPDADTED: 17 tourists and 2 Tunisians have been killed in a museum in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The tourists were of Spanish, German, Italian and Polish nationalities. One of the Tunisians killed was a police officer. Security forces have killed the two men responsible for the attack at Bardo Museum in central Tunis. The two men haven’t been identified yet. Photo credit: Operation...

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Ebola virus is changing and becoming more dangerous

Vocabulary: to mutate (v), form (n), contagious (adj), blood sample (n), cure (v+n), vaccine (n), symptoms (n), to pass on (phrasal verb), to track (v), spread (n+v). Scientists who are studying the Ebola virus have said that it is mutating: the virus is changing its form. They are investigating whether the virus is more contagious than last year. Blood samples are being sent to France in order to study this. Ebola is a virus that is similar to HIV and Influenza (the flu): these types of viruses mutate rapidly; any cure or vaccine we have will not work on the new mutation. The fear is that Ebola has mutated so that some people who have the virus don’t show symptoms; they don’t look or feel ill at all. However, they are still contagious and pass the virus on to other people. Because they don’t show symptoms, it is more difficult to track the development and spread of the virus. Currently the survival rate of Ebola is 40%. The research in France will hopefully give scientists a clear reason as to why some people survive the virus and others don’t. They also hope to develop a vaccine against...

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80 people are kidnapped in Cameroon

Vocabulary: to kidnap (v), to burn down (v), to post online (v), to scrap (v), constitution (n), to embrace (v). 80 people have been kidnapped in Cameroon and 3 people have been killed. This happened on Sunday and it is believed that Boko Haram is responsible. Boko Haram is an Islamic terrorist group from Nigeria. The name translates into English as “western education is forbidden”. They usually work in Nigeria but have been known to operate in Cameroon and Niger too. The attack happened early in the morning. Around 50 of the people kidnapped are believed to be children aged 10-15. Many houses in the area were also burnt down. Last month a video was posted online from a man who said that he is Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram. The video says that there will be more violence in Cameroon if the country does not scrap the constitution and embraces Islam. It is not known if the video and what happened on Sunday are related. Boko Harim kidnapped 274 schoolgirls from north-eastern Nigeria in 2014. Although around 50 girls escaped, the others are still...

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