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Five Year Old Makes Over $2000 Selling Ice Cream

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1. A very sympathic young boy named Haylen had a ‘five for five’ birthday party that got him thinking about money. During this party, guests were told to bring two $5 dollar bills; one for the birthday boy and one for charity. His birthday party was a success, and he received a lot of money for himself and for a charity.

2. Not too long after his birthday party, Haylen decided to go shopping. He passed almost his whole day shopping for the right toy. After some great debate, he decided to buy a really cool monster truck for himself. Then, Haylen decided to donate $100 to the Ronald McDonald House charity and was then offered a short tour of the place.

3. Haylen have not the possibility to go to the Ronald McDonald House before, so he gladly accepted the tour. After looking around the facility, he was inspired to start a fundraising business of his own. As with most young dreams, Haylen was very eager to get started so he asked for help from everyone he knew.

4. It’s not often that a 5 year old becomes the president of his own society. In fact, opening up an ice cream shop with the help of his family turned into a really big business venture. His family helped him build his ‘ice cream truck’ using some wood. They also spent some time painting it over and filling it up with frozen foods. Then they finally opened for business.

5. … totally forgot this

6. Before saying his next thought, he rested at his stand looking for more customers and said, “I will fill up my bucket and give it to them, then fill it again and again and keep giving it to them.”

7. Occasionally you can see promotions on Haylen’s Ice Cream Shop Facebook page. At times when we are the weekend, you can see specials and lots of pictures of happy people.

8. Don’t expect to see status updates after eight and quarter though. Even though Haylen has quickly become a successful business man, he still has to go to bed at bed time.

9. There are many reporters who ask Haylen for why does he do it. To that, Haylen replies, “I just want to help a bunch and bunch and bunch of kids so they can buy medicine”. He indeed has a pure heart and a lot of love to give.

10. Now that he has raised $2,011, his new goal is $3,009. In addition to that, when the seasons change he will start a hot chocolate shop. Who knows if he borrowed this idea to a Facebook fan, or if it came into his mind alone. Either way, we all wish Haylen the best of luck with his business.

To keep up with “Haylen’s Ice Cream Shop” and it’s fundraising progress, visit them on Facebook.

Article and Photo Credit: The Good News Network

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