A Spanish politician has been caught on camera playing Candy Crush on her tablet computer while the President was giving an important speech.


Celia Villalobos is the Vice-President of the Congress of Deputies- an important job that is similar to that of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK.   It is her job to control the debate. She is also a member of the conservative Partido Popular, the ruling party in Spain.

This happened during President Rajoy’s annual “state of the nation” speech.

The opposition party in Spain, the left-wing  PSOE says that she has set a “very bad example”.

This is not the first time a politician has been caught playing Candy Crush during a meeting. In December 2014 the British politician Nigel Mills was caught playing the game during a meeting on Work and Pensions.

Vocabulary: to be caught doing something (v), ruling party (n), opposition party (n), left-wing (adj), to set a good/bad example to someone (v), pensions (n).

Photo credit: El periodico

Discussion Questions

1) Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing?  What happened?

2) Do you play any computer/moible games? Which ones? Why?

3) What advantages and disadvantages are there to playing games on the computer or mobile phone?

4) PSOE say that Celia Villalobos has set a bad example. Do you agree? Do you think she should be punished for not doing her job?

5) Do you know anyone who is addicted to playing on their mobile or computer?

6) Should there be a law against using phones at work?