The SmartEyeglass, the newest product from Sony, will go on sale next month.

smart glasses

These glasses are worn like normal glasses and show you images and text in front of your eyes. It can also take photos and videos just like a mobile phone or tablet.

The glasses come with a controller which you can attach to your clothes and a software developing kit so that people can create their own applications (apps) for the glasses.

The glasses will cost $840 dollars.

Last month Google, who is a big rival of Sony, said that it would not make its own Google glasses and that it has stopped researching this type of product. Google does not think that it would sell.

Tim Cook, head of Apple has said that he dislikes the glasses, he thinks people would not really wear them. He says the glasses are “intrusive”.

Stuart Miles, editor of Pocket Lint technology website says that the glasses won’t catch on. He said “people are keen on wearables like fitness bands and watches, but they care about their faces. Wearing something on your head is a lot stronger than wearing something on your arm. The industry keeps pushing it but consumers just don’t want it.”

Story and photo from BBC:

Vocabulary: rival (n),  intrusive (adj), to catch on (phrasal verb), consumer (n).

Discussion questions

1) Who do you think would buy this product?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Smart Glasses?

3) Google does not think the product will sell, do you agree? (why/why not?)

4) Many technology experts do not like the product. What reasons do they give? Do you agree with them? Can you think of any other reasons people might not like the product?

5) Would you buy these glasses?

6) Do you think they will become fashionable in the future?