Four people have been hurt in a roller coaster accident in Alton Towers, a theme park in England. The director of the park said it was the most serious accident in the park’s history.


The riders were two men and two women in their early twenties and have been taken to a local hospital. They had injuries to their lower body (legs and feet). Other riders did not suffer any harm.

The passengers were on the Smiler rollerĀ coaster. This roller coaster holds the world record for the number of 360 degree loops: 14.

The roller coaster was delayed during the afternoon because of a technical problem but soon started working again. The staff sent an empty carriage on the roller coaster first. They then sent a carriage full of people. In the middle of the ride, the first, empty carriage stopped moving and the second carriage with people in, crashed into it.

Vocabulary: roller coaster (n), theme park (n), loop (n), carriage (n)