The Conservative party won the UK General Election on Thursday. They now have a majority in the parliament. Although the elections were democratic, and there was no cheating, there have been riots in London today. Many people are not happy that the Conservatives won.

Over 100 people gathered in London and 17 people were arrested.


The protesters do not contest that the Conservatives won. But they are angry about it.

Many British people feel that the election system in the UK is not ┬ávery fair. The UK uses the “first-past-the-post” system. This means that every seat in the parliament is related to an area or town and that every party must select a person to represent that area or town. Whichever politician gets the most votes in that town, wins.

This system has always been used in the UK. The system was designed for a two-party election. However, nowadays there are many more political parties and this system doesn’t work very well with lots of parties.

For example, UKIP, the right-wing party, gained only one seat in the election, because they won the election in one town. However over 3 million people throughout the country voted for them (purple on the diagram).

It is the same story for the left-wing parties Liberal Democrats and the Greens;

election results

If every voted counted, and didn’t depend on the area, the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party would have won less seats and Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP and Greens more (second diagram). Many people think this is a fairer system.

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