Total time for activity 15-20 minutes (plus time to run through vocabulary- extra 10-15 minutes)


1) Put students into small groups and tell them that they are going on holiday to Manchester (UK). It’s Saturday evening and they need to find a place to eat.

2) Give them the restaurant reviews and together they must put them in order of which they’d prefer to go to. (There will be compromises, and the students must all agree on the order).

3) When they’ve finished, (usually takes about 10 minutes), ask the groups to compare their choices and explain why they’ve chosen their restaurants.

Download the restaurant reviews here: 

It’s a good idea to cut them up so that students can physically move them into an order.  The reviews are all taken from real restaurants in Manchester. It is from a Travel Guide I wrote for Trip Advisor.

After this exercise you’ll probably have to run though the vocabulary with students. There’s also great constructions for writing an article/ review which you can highlight (If you’re after …. then look no further that …). This is especially useful for exam classes such as FCE, CAE and IELTS as they may have the option of writing a review in the exam.

I usually set students a restaurant review as writing homework after this class to encourage them to reuse the vocabulary.

Follow On Conversation Questions

1)  What’s the best restaurant in your town? What’s the worst?

2) What’s the worst experience you’ve had at a restaurant?

3) What’s more important in a restaurant; friendly waiting staff or quick service?

4) How often do you eat out? What do you look for in a restaurant?

Extension activity

In groups, students design their own restaurant (decide what food to serve, what the decor will be like, pricing etc.). Then they must design an advert to advertise the restaurant to the others in the class. The next lesson students can pretend that they’ve eaten in each others’ restaurants and must write a review of the other restaurants.