This is Peanut the turtle.



When she was a baby, she crawled into this plastic ring used to hold beer cans together (a six pack of beer). She could not escape and so her body grew around the plastic. This is why she was given the name ‘Peanut’.

Although Peanut survived and grew, some of her organs did not develop properly. She had the plastic around her for four years.

She was found in 1993 and was taken to a vet. The vet removed the plastic. She now lives a happy life in the Missouri Department of Conservation in the USA.



Story and photos: Inhabitat

Vocabulary: to crawl (v), a six-pack (n), ring (n), organs (n),properly (adv), vet (n).

Discussion questions: 1) Do you recycle? What materials do you recycle? How often? 2) Do you do anything to help the environment or animals? 3) What can governments do to protect animals? 4) Should people be be punished for leaving litter? What should the punishment be? 5) Should people be punished for harming the environment or harming animals? 6) What can we do to protect animals like Peanut?