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delivery-manOn Tuesday, September 29th, Amazon started a new delivery program, called Amazon Flex, which will pay people to make deliveries using their own cars. The program is a lot like Uber, where drivers can work as much or as little as they want. The company claims that drivers can make anywhere from $18-$25 per hour. The only requirements are that they have their own car, be over 21 years old, have a clean background and own an Android phone.

Amazon’s Prime Now delivery option offers same day delivery. Currently, Amazon uses courier companies to make the deliveries. By adding everyday drivers to their service, Amazon is expanding its rapid delivery network. They will also use full-time drivers and bicycle riders.

Flex launched in Seattle first. Amazon plans to expand the service to major US cities in the future. However, it has not announced when it plans to expand.

News Source: GeekWire


something that is needed or necessary

How to use “requirement”
We usually use “requirement” when referring to something that is needed before something else can be done or completed.

Example from the article 
People need to have those three characteristics (meet those requirements) before they can drive for Amazon Flex.

Another example
The library requires everyone to pay their outstanding fines before checking out new books.

right now

How to use “currently”
We usually use “currently” when referring to something that is happening now.

Example from the article 
Right now, Amazon is using a different kind of system to deliver their packages.

Another example
John is currently using a PC, but he’s going to switch to a MAC soon.

a group of things or people that are connected

How to use “network”
“Network” can be used in many different situations, especially when describing some sort of system involving many parts.

Example from the article 
Here network refers to all the parts of the system which they have in place for making fast deliveries.

Another example
Pedro has a very large professional network.


to make a statement about something

How to use “claim”
We usually use “claim” when a statement hasn’t been shown to be true yet. It doesn’t mean the statement is a lie; it just means that it hasn’t been proven yet.

Example from the article 
We don’t know if Flex drivers will really be able to make $18-$25 per hour, but that is what Amazon is saying is true.

Another example
Edward claims to be the best student in his class. We’ll find out if it’s true when the teacher gives him his grades.

someone who delivers things (letters, packages, etc.)

How to use “courier”
We use “courier” when we talk about a person whose job it is to deliver things to.

Example from the article 
The courier company is simply a company that Amazon uses to make their deliveries.

Another example
I’m sending my letter through the University’s courier service.

to start something

How to use “launch”
We use “launch” when we talk about a new thing starting or being set in motion. When new products, services or companies start, we say that they are launched.

Example from the article 
Flex started in Seattle – since it’s a brand new service, we say that it was launched in Seattle.

Another example
Everyone was very excited that the new iPhone 6 would be launched sooner than they thought.