Police have arrested nine people after the city of Newcastle was invaded by a Neo-Nazi protest. The march was organised by the far-right wing group National Action.

white man march newcastle

They sang racist songs and called their march “a white man march”.

Anti-fascists tried to equal the National Action protest by trying to drown out the racist songs with their own chants.

Police separated the two groups. The police said that most of the people at the event were peaceful, but that nine were arrested because their behaviour was unacceptable.

Lawrie Coombs, who spoke for a group called North East Anti-Fascists (Newcastle is in the North East region of England) said it is important to challenge the views of fascists and racists. This is why he marched and chanted against the National Action protest.

He said “Anytime fascists, racists or neo-Nazis appear on the streets they need to be confronted. We cannot allow them to spread their poison.”

Vocabulary: to arrest (v), a march (n), far-right wing (adj), to drown out a noise (phrasal verb: cover a noise wit another noise), chant (n+v), to confront (v), spread (v), poison (n).

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Story and Photos: Chronicle Live

Discussion questions: 

1) what do you know about Fascism?

2) Is fascism present in your country?

3) Is racism present in your country?

4) What is the best way to confront racism?