Vocabulary: to get annoyed (v+adj), to park (v), retired (adj), canon (n), to deter (v), prop (n).

canonPaul Davis, from London, gets very annoyed when people park their cars in front of his house. The retired army officer, 67, gets so annoyed that he has decided to do something about it; he has put a giant canon there hoping that this will deter people from parking.

The canon iscanon 2 not real; it is a prop from a British TV show called Hornblower but Paul Davis says that it doesn’t matter. The canon scares people so much that no one has parked in front of his house since it has been installed.

Photos and story from Buzzfeed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/patricksmith/this-retired-army-captain-put-a-cannon-outside-his-house