A man who stood on the roof of the Houses of Parliament last night has been arrested by the police. The Houses of Parliament is the building used by the British government and is home to Big Ben.


The 23 year old was first seen at about 9pm last night and the police, the fire brigade and an ambulance were called.

The man paced up and down the roof of the building until 5am, when the police finally arrested him.


No one knows why the man was on the roof, how he got up there, or why he was walking up and down it.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing (going to a place without permission).

Vocabulary: roof (n), to be arrested (phrasal verb), fire brigade (n), to pace (v), suspicion (n), criminal damage (n), tresspassing (n), to trespass (v).

Photo and story: The Metro