Ed Miliband, a British politician and the leader of the Labour Party, has said that a woman should play the role of James Bond.


He suggested Rosamund Pike as a good actress to play 007. She played the ‘bond girl’ in the 2002 film Die Another Day.

rosamund pike

Milliband said that the James Bond films need to “move with the times” and that the role should be open for both men and women to play.

Author’s Comments: This is my personal opinion on this strange story.

I find it very interesting that Ed Milliband has said this now. The British General Election* is coming up very soon (May this year). Ed is hoping to become the next Prime Minister of the UK. I believe that he only said this to make women voters like him more.

As a female voter myself, I think he’s an idiot. Having a woman James Bond will not help to solve the problem of sexism and equality in the UK. He is only saying this to appear ‘cool’ and to try to win votes.

*The General Election is when people in the UK vote for the people who will represent them in parliament and make the laws (Members of Parliament). This election also decides who will be the Prime Minister of the UK.

What is your opinion?