Vocabulary: crush (v+n), stampede (n), fireworks show (n), fake (adj), to collect (v), to push (v).

Last night the world celebrated the end of 2014 and the coming of a new year. While most people partied and celebrated with friends and family, in Shanghai, China, there was a huge crush and stampede which killed 36 people.

Every year there is a fireworks show in Shangai but this year it was cancelled. Even though the show was cancelled many people still went to the city centre to celebrate.

No one is sure what exactly caused the crush, but many people said that problems started when fake money was thrown from a building and people stopped to collect it. Other people say that there were simply too many people in a small area, and that many people were pushing.

There will be an investigation into the cause of the stampede.

A sad start to 2015.


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