Vocabulary: charity (n), to predict (v), calculation (n), chance of survival (n), survival rate (n), statistically (adv).

Cancer Research UK, a charity, has revealed a new study that predicts that around half of the UK population will get cancer at some point in their lives.


The charity had previously predicted that one in three people will develop cancer. However, they have changed their calculation and now predict that 54% of men and 48% of women will now develop some form of cancer during their life.

The reason is because more people are living longer so they are statistically more likely to develop cancer. People are also eating more red meat and are more obese than in the past; two factors which can make your risk of cancer higher.

However, there is also good news: the survival rate of cancer is increasing. Professor┬áPeter Sasieni, from Queen Mary University of London, said that “There is quite a lot we can do to prevent cancer”.

The important thing is to catch it early. The earlier the cancer is found, the higher the chance of survival.

Photo source: BBC