diego-dzodanOn March 2nd, the Vice President of Facebook’s Latin American division, Diego Dzodan, was arrested in Brazil. Judge Marcel Maia Montalvão from the state of Sergipe first issued fines, then the arrest after Facebook failed to release messages related to a drug trafficking investigation.

The messages were sent via WhatsApp, a messaging application owned by Facebook. This arrest comes after Brazil blocked the messaging app for 48 hours last year when they refused to provide information about one of its users who had been involved in a criminal investigation.

WhatsApp encrypts all of its messages to secure users’ information. That means that even the company itself is unable to decrypt the messages.

Facebook was not happy with the arrest and responded by saying, “Arresting people with no connection to a pending law enforcement investigation is a capricious step and we are concerned about the effects for people of Brazil and innovation in the country.