Vocabulary: drone (n), to crash (v), car park (n), border (n), GPS (n), gang (n), to hire (v).

A drone plane carrying illegal drugs has crashed near the Mexican-US border. It was carrying 3kg of methamphetamine and was found in a supermarket car park.

dronePhoto: BBC

Mexican police say that using drone planes to transfer drugs from Mexico into the United States is becoming more and more popular because there is a lot of security on the border between the two countries.

Drone planes are used because you can give them GPS co-ordinates and the drone will fly to this location by itself. A pilot is not needed to direct the drone. Therefore, there is less chance of being caught by the police.

The Mexican police believe that this drone plane crashed in the supermarket car park because the drugs that it was carrying were too heavy. They will investigate to see if they can find where the drone came from.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has said that many drug gangs in Mexico are hiring engineers to build drones to carry drugs into the USA. It estimates that drones carry drugs into the country 150 times a year.