A new type of dinosaur has been found in Argentina. The Gualicho shinyae was found by Sebastián Apesteguía and his team in a spot called the Huincul Formation. At least five other dinosaurs have been found in that area.

The most striking thing about the Gualicho shinyae is that it has short arms just like T. Rex. No other dinosaur so far has been known to have shortened limbs. Also like T. Rex, this newly found species seems to have eaten meat, also a rare find in the dinosaur world. Researchers found “the hind limbs and the forelimbs, [a] section of the back and the tail, a little bit of the hips.” But there is no skull or vertebrae. Compared to other dinosaurs, it is not huge – it stands at about 6 feet tall and 25 feet long.

The animal is thought to have lived about 90 million years ago, about 20 million years before the T. Rex.

Sources: LiveScience, Time, BBC