Cecil, the lion Palmer killed


The dentist, who goes by the name of Walter Palmer, was not only skilled with dental tools, but with bows and arrows too.  On July 1st, he skillfully used his bow and arrow  to injure the lion and then he used a final gun shot to kill it.

 This lion was no random creature, it was actually a lion that was very popular among tourists. The lion was known for it’s black mane and it’s popularity lasted for a whole 19 years. Even local wildlife researchers came to love the animal, and everyone called it Cecil.
Apparently, Cecil was actually a lion that was well protected. Cecil lived in Hwange National Park, where anyone could come by and watch her in the wild. Sadly, Cecil was lured away from her safe home by Palmer’s well-paid guides.
The guides, who were paid about $54 000 for the whole hunt, led Cecil to a neighboring game farm for Palmer to hunt.
These highly paid guides were suppose to have had all the needed licenses and permits. so Palmer trusted their judgement.
Sadly, his trust fell into the wrong hands. Palmer’s guides lured the lion onto the game farm during the night, by tying a dead animal to their car and driving in the right direction.

When Palmer was interviewed by the press he claimed that he, “… had no idea that the lion … was a known, local favorite”. In fact, he also mentioned that he was willing to cooperate with any investigators.

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The case is a little tricky because even though he killed a well known animal, he did so with legal intentions. He had all the required permits, and he was on a legal hunting ground.  Yet, the target was protected by other laws.

In addition to that,  Cecil was found dead 40 hours after the kill. Unlike some other kills, this lion was found skinned, beheaded, and with a tracker that was almost damaged.

Article Source: Startribune

What he did was legal, but do you think it was right?

What are your thoughts on poaching?