A new study in Korea has found that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day are less likely to have heart disease. The study showed that coffee drinkers have cleaner arteries than those who do not drink coffee.


The study involved over 25,000 people, both male and female.

However, there is still debate as to whether coffee is good or bad for you in general. Other studies have shown that drinking lots of coffee can raise people’s blood pressure and cholesterol.

More research is therefore needed into the effects of drinking coffee.

The researchers also pointed out that the study was conducted in Korea, and the results may be different here because the Koreans have a very different lifestyle and diet.

Vocabulary: heart disease (n), artery (n), blood pressure (n), cholesterol (n), debate as to whether (phrase), to point out (phrasal verb), to conduct (a study) (v), lifestyle (n).

Discussion questions: How much coffee do you drink? Do you know anyone who is addicted to coffee? Which do you prefer: hot chocolate, tea or coffee?

Story: BBC Photo: Open Coffee