German police say that they have found a significant clue.

The Germanwings plane crashed on Tuesday in the French Alps and killed all 150 passengers.

It is believed that the co-pilot purposely crashed the plane. The pilot left to go to the bathroom and the co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit. This is when he crashed the plane.

the cockpit of the plane:cockpit

There have been rumors in the German media that the co-pilot had depression but the Police say they have found no evidence of this.

They have searched his apartment and have taken a couple of things. They say that they have discovered something significant that they will take for tests, but they will not revel what the item is.

crashsitethe crash site of the plane

Vocabulary: to crash (n), a clue (n), the cockpit (n), to lock someone out of a place (phrasal verb), purposely (adv), rumors (n), a crash site (n),

Story and Photos: BBC